Story matters... there is no contesting that, if you don't have a story, there is no production. Past that stage, is where I come in. You need to figure out the perfect camera for your production. Do you need theatrical release? or maybe just some run & gun work? Whether you need 5k, on-board camera, or a 10K panoramic rig, I can assist in both consultation as well as on set technical support and data management.

An extra mouth to feed on set? Why would you need that? If your camera goes down, your production can lose anywhere from $5 an hour, to over $10,000. Having me on set, as well as giving technical support to the cinematographer in getting the best image, I will be able to troubleshoot and work through any problems that arise. If the problem is serious enough, I can have more cameras flown in to set, or keep a back-up in the holster.

What happens to your footage when you take our a full card from the camera? You don't want it floating loosely in some 2nd AC's production bag. With me on set, you can have it brought to my mobile data management station to be backed up to 2 or more of your drives. With my high attention to detail, you can be sure all your footage will be backed up, logged and organized so that your editing will be a breeze.

I'd love to hear from you! Whether you want to discuss an idea for a project, or just ponder when and if RED will ever release Scarlet, feel free to shoot me an email or call me.

Send an email:

Give me a call: 508-289-1262

Scarlet-X Kit

Scarlet Base Package:

  • Scarlet-X Body w/ Side SSD Module
  • Aluminum Canon Mount
  • x3 64GB REDMags
  • 5.0 inch LCD Touch-screen
  • Wooden Camera Quickback Plate
  • RED Battery Belt Clip
  • x3 Global Media Pro 160wh batteries

Lens Kit:

  • Tokina 11-16 f2.8
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 35-70 f3.4
  • Formatt Vari-ND Filter 77mm
  • B&W Polarizer + UV Filter 77mm


  • Sachtler FSB-8 w/CF Speedlock legs
  • IndiFocus-Mini Follow Focus w/Lens rings
  • Zoom H1 Audio Recorder
  • Wired Lav Microphone
  • Kessler Cineslider